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Possibility for compromise despite Bill Press' presumptuousness

While my views are quite different than Bill's, I enjoyed the show with Congressman Tokachi. I think there is a possibility of our two sides meeting in the middle but Bill Press does have a rather presumptuous tone by saying things like "what we know is right". How do you know that you're correct Bill? What if you die, go to meet God and he says "Gay marriage is wrong - I specifically condemned it for important reasons and you presumed to know more?" The difference between you and me is that I have some faith and respect in the messages conveyed in the Bible and I have genuine concern for the gay community. There is a compromise and that is Civil Union. If it's not completely equitable yet, then let's work toward that. It is possible to have respect for religious doctrine and work toward equality. Try that compromise.
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  • Ah! Religious Doctrine. Pathway to all of the most violent wars. Your idea of compromise is you stay on your side of the street and I'll stay on mine. When you walk in the shoes of someone who isn't your color or prefers same sex partners, then you will understand the evils in discrimination. The Bible tells many stories, and when you read all of them you'll find they are very conflicting in their teachings. The bible is nothing more than a history book, and many of the stories cited therein are based on legend and folk lore and were put to writing some hundreds of years "after" the supposed events took place. So you hang onto your bible and keep reading and rereading those chapters that make you feel righteous and superior over those who didn't get so "lucky" as to be born in your shoes. There is no room for compromising one person's ideology above anothers. Live and let live.
    • I actually have read the Bible. Have you? So, you want to stay on your side and compromise nothing. That's as bad as me staying on my side of the street and you staying on yours. If we can get a fair civil union, that would show respect for the gay community and respect for religious doctrine. Just because you don't believe in it, doesn't mean it isn't so. We'll find out in the end but in my opinion starting with compromise is better than "no room for compromise".
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