Hello, I am writing this in hopes that your business will honor a very important request. I was placed on your site as a teacher accused with indecient liberties. Although my lawyer and myself felt that your reporters were very fair in your articles I would really appreciate it if my name could be erased from the search on the internet from your site. I am in the process of rebuilding my reputation. As stated I was found not quilty and I am asking that you remove this article in order for me to re-build my reputation. I understand that it was news and I completly understand the article being placed on here. However,, at this point it is no longer news and I honestly just need to move on with my life. I do not want the lies of a disgruntal mother to continue to ruin my reputation. I appreciate your attention to this matter and in hopes to hear from you that it will be removed. Thank you again, Valarie Harper Casto
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