Romney Brought His Own Black Guys to the NAACP Convention

As you all know by now, Romney was booed at the July NAACP Convention. Recent polls show that only 1% of blacks support him, as opposed to 92% supporting Obama. In an interview later that day, Romney said that he "met with black leaders" after the speech, and they said that "the polls were misleading".

Turns out that the "black leaders" he met with were some (paid) black people he brought along with him to the convention. This is just another example of how Mitt and his ilk are living in a completely make-believe world, and would do virtually ANYTHING to win the presidency. Lying and deceit are just a matter of course for these guys.

Mitt Romulon (the alien from another world) is a pathological liar, in addition to being an animal mistreater, a bully, a homophobe, and a police impersonator. Wow...he should make an excellent president!
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    KEEPING IT THOUGHTFULLY HONEST: John Sununu, a Classless, Loud mouth talking Fat slob with Romney campaign is a perfect example of why a number politicians are despised for their conduct and held in such shameful low esteem for their lack of ethics and prejudice views by most Americans! THE INCONVENIENT TRUTH: I have been studying this particular RACE issue in politics for some time. It is my sad but real conclusion because of this President's high level of intelligence and his skin color are very different from the republican's last President, it has awaken the ugly racial prejudice that exists in some racists Americans! This is true of General Colin Powell as recently stated by his staff assistant (a white guy)! And when Mr. Bush with his policies left office, he left us with a BIG Mess and our near depression economy in a deep ditch! They can't get over it! So racial prejudice beliefs of that “African-born Muslim Socialist” leads them to dislike this President that has” grown to cult-like proportions across some regions. For example, some statewide polls show the “president losing by thunderous majorities. One example, a “ recent poll by the Public Religion Research Institute in The New York Times shows that “among Southern lower educate class of whites, Romney, the WHITE GUY leads by 40 points!” Just like now with Sununu’s ugly race bate insinuations and then his republicans tried to demonize President Clinton when he was in office! So as Mr. Colbert stated, they want to blame the BLACK guy now! But It still a free country so Mr Sununu, you have freedom to spew your hate as well as live out your racial prejudice! (just do not it around me.) hum...
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