I’m upset and angry

Sad and Disappointed

The more I look at TV, and read about the agendas of both the left and right; I become saddened by our country's present and future.

First, I watched your documentary on Guns in America. It was totally biased. You do not cite where you obtained your statistics. You focus on extremely poor and criminally inundated areas where guns are obtained illegally. You indirectly make blacks and Hispanics the scapegoat for your proposed blame on the gun violence in America. Camden NJ and Philly PA are not the end-all that be-all of America. Law abiding citizens have a right to own guns. I would guarantee if CCP/CCW laws were instituted you would not have as much crime as you see now because it would allow the field to be even between dirty cops, power-hungry cops, criminals and law abiding Americans. Simply compare the states that allow law abiding citizens to carry guns with those who do not and I am sure the crime and assault activities are much lower. And, yes, you will have more gun deaths in nations that carry guns, by virtue that there are guns. Just like nations that have cars are going to have more car accidents by virtue that there are cars available. Does this mean you shouldn't drive? No! Until we are a true police state and you cannot protect yourself from either unjust laws that violate civil rights or criminals, you will never understand the importance of this constitutional right!

"They, who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety." Ben Franklin

Second, I do not have faith in either of our political party. Democrats keep the poor in poverty and Republicans ensure the rich maintain power and wealth. So, in reality, they both serve the same cause, which is to enslave the masses for the benefit of the elite. Obama is not the cause of our downfall; he inherited the mess we are in. Furthermore, it seems that both dems and repubs are not working with him to remedy the issues we have. However, he is also not using his power to do what needs to be done. I'm sure he does not want to come off as the angry black man or confirm any stereotypes. But no matter what, he will always have issues connected to his race because of the ignorance that continues in America. Do I think it’s racial? Yes! We in American have never addressed our stained history adequately. We continually gravitate to and perpetuate the racial lies and stereotypes that exist. Just because Obama was elected does not mean we have overcome our negative beliefs about race and ethnicity. We need to be honest. Our president cannot get things done becaue he is black. Just like Kennedy had issues because he was Catholic and young. But again, I also think Obama is not being firm enough, he need to get off his butt and speak truth to power!

Last, the media is the devil! I say that to be sarcastic and not from a religious perspective. The internet and media in general are involved with bias reporting. You tell people what they want to hear but more so what the elite want them to believe. You give the masses lies and treat them like children with no common sense. You promote fear and anger as well as misplaced passions. If it bleeds it leads! Whatever gets ratings, viewership and fill the bank accounts of the owners! All at the expense of the people and our intelligence. However, I also blame the people (us). Why? Because we sit back and allow others to lead us like sheep to slaughter. We spend our money on this snake oil, thinking is cures our ills. We do not stand up and say, hell no; I'm not going for this! We do not research the facts, but allow others to tell us what is true. We allow business and the government to tell us that our country's issues are due to the economy, immigrants, the poor, YOU over-extending yourself and living above your means, or it’s the liberals, its conservatives, it’s the boogie man! For goodness sake, WE need to wake up and stop being led astray! WE need to elect better politicians. WE need to take responsibility. I'm only one person and I cannot do it all, but at least I am trying to make a difference. I know that there are others doing the same, but we need everyone to step up....before it’s too late!
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