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Short URLs are 11 characters too long

short urls are too long:
http://current.com/1l69m4c (26 characters)
http://3.ly/vIJ (15 characters)

Why not grab a shorter domain like c.tv or something and start shortened urls at their smallest possible length?
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    Hey Travis,

    Thanks for the feedback on our URL shortening capability. Agreed, 26 character URLs are certainly not the shortest URLs on the market, however our intent here was to build something that improved the experience of browsing, commenting, and sharing content from Current.com. Having a shortened URL was a bonus.

    I've written a post about our intent to improve the experience by combining shorter URLs with our Current Bar. You're right, we could grab a shorter domain, but our intent is not to go after the already crowded URL shortening market aimed at Twitter users. Rather, we'd like to use shortening to improve peoples' experiences on Current.com. Here's a link to the post:


    I hope this helps shed some light on things.


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