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I’m happy

Stephanie Miller Makes My Mornings!

Thank you SO much for bringing Stephanie Miller to the lineup in the mornings! I have been a proud supporter of the Steph-cast for over a year now, and LOVE being able to see Mama and the Mooks live in studio every day. We watch it for the first hour of our morning while getting ready for work. As soon as I get in my car I bring the show up on the radio in my car, and when I get home from work I finish watching on the DVR.

The show is witty, smart, and gives me some wonderful insight into both left and right minds in this country (even if the some one the right have dark, scary, dusty little minds). Through her website and FB page, Chris ensures that we have access to her source material so we can learn more, which means we come out INFORMED and not just dittoheads.

I've also started to watch other shows, and while I miss Olbermann, I do appreciate the Young Turks, Cenk, and Grandstrom. Thank you so much for a GREAT channel.