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Streaming Secrets

I'm extremely dissapointed with Current. My television provider does not have current. I actually dont have a television because I cant afford it.

Internet streaming technology is quite useful. But you offer none. And you never will? Im sorry, but that is simply unacceptable. I couldnt watch it on TV no matter how hard i tried. Id watch your ads online.

Help us get the information your shows have. Give us good faith, that we will help. Give compassion for those who cant afford it and already have so very very little in our lives.

Maybe...Maybe you'd get more support, more carriers, if you stopped treating your customers like this. From your site, I see zero reasons I should go to bat for you. I would have watched your ads online. I wouldve tried to convince my cable company to have current.

I will be doing none of these things. Nor will my friends. Because you have shown us absolutely no reason to do so. You just lost a lot of money, essentially.
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