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I’m frustrated

Unable to download/view programs on iTunes

For the last month or more it has been impossible to download or view Current TV programs that are ostensibly made available on the iTunes Store. Suddenly all downloads began to fail, and all attempts to view on both Macintosh PC's and iPhones have been greeted with a warning that Quicktime is required for viewing (see attached screen shot), and my computers are not equipped with Quicktime, which, being Macs, they most certainly are.

Until this last month, I had been able to enjoy uploaded clips of Current TV programs going back to when Keith Olbermann's Countdown jumped to Current from MSNBC. Now something seems to be fatally wrong with the programs that are visible as being available on iTunes, but are not accessible or viewable in any way shape or form.

I realize you'll be changing all programming over to whatever Al Jazeera ordains in relatively short order. However, if this download problem isn't solved, you are cutting out a sizeable contingent of viewers who would very much like to enjoy even the meager program clips you provide, but are unable to enjoy the full cable TV programming owing to living overseas (in this case, Japan). Or, could it be that you are intentionally blocking access to overseas viewers?

I'll certainly be interested to see if this complaint elicits any sort of response.

Best regards,

AK in Tokyo, Japan

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