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Using God's name in vain

I just love the irony of all these "good christians" who quote the bible, or other "holly text" to promote hate and intolerance. Every time I hear this type of talk all I can think of is one of the first things I learned in religion classes: The ten Commandments. I believe the third commandment instructs us not to use His name in vain or to miss use it.
I believe using god to justify any hate, killing, intolerance, or even food choices is note only ridiculous, but should be used against those who speak such words.
I applaud your calling it like it is. Keep throwing back bible texts at them to expose their stupidity (and hopefully make their "good christian" followers think for once).
Throw their beloved ten commandments at them while you are at it.
And keep reminding them how Jesus stood against the powers of the time, helped the poor, and was most angry at the site of sale of golden false idols.

Great show! night after night!
  • "Holly" text ? lol Yes, I noticed one evening that Cenk used "God damn"
    twice. Unger was upset and emotional over some outrageous subject
    he was speaking about. I'm certain God would understand that his name
    wasn't used in vain if this phrase was used against EVIL. Jesus preached
    love as well, but became upset over gambling in the market place. Our
    emotions can be kept in check, but also can become explosive.
    I never heard my father say anything but, 'dammit to hell ' when he got
    angry, and always wondered what that meant as a child, but maybe that would
    be a better useage when angry. Irregardless, I can't blame Cenk for his
    emotional overload due to what's occurring in the world.
    We need a pacifist revolution ( and no, that's not an oxymoron). It's been
    done in Europe more than a few times.....I saw a documentary on it. Wake
    up people........ this is what Current is trying to tell us.
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