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I’m sad

What can we do to stop Snyder??

Have you taken a look at Michigan's Governor Snyder's New Tax increases for the poor and Seniors? Maybe it would make a very good segment for The War Room?

There are 5 questions now to eliminate seniors from the homestead rolls alone is only one outrage. Snyder changed your income from Federal adjusted gross income to "total Household resources" - meaning THE WHOLE HOUSEHOLD'S INCOME IS INCLUDED in the $50,000.00 income to make sure NO ONE will be able to claim homestead in the state of Michigan.

If you would like a full breakdown on how this effects seniors and the poor in Michigan, get a copy of State Senator Tupac A Hunter Legislative Report / Spring 2013. He explains what the changes mean to the 5th district.

It is not bad enough that Snyder has taxed the pensions of all seniors, but he has taken charity donation credit for homeless shelters, food banks, and public community donations. Donations for Family Development Programs, automobile donation or historic rehabilitation plans.

Snyder too away the Earned Income credit by taking it from 20% to 6% - Which takes money from poor children in our communities. He took the special exemption was eliminated for seniors in Michigan, as well as any credit for college tuition and fees.

The seniors and poor in Michigan are still trying to figure out why we have been targeted by Snyder? All of the jobs in Michigan (Companies) get tax breaks to send the jobs overseas by Snyder, while he taxes the poor and elderly. He changes the Michigan constitution whenever he feels like it.. How is this possible?

If you need a copy of Senator Hunters newsletter send me your fax number and I will fax it over. I am sure if you call him, he will be happy to pass it along. Michigan is going under with this man at the helm. We need someone to expose him..
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