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My name is Ray and I have the Madd Dog Spinning certification and I have also been teaching for a few months now.
question, how do I become Keiser certified???
Please let me know.
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  • Cycling Fusion Management (Company Rep, Community Servant) March 10, 2015 15:20
    That's an interesting question.  Their certification is not specifically about being certified to teach on that bike, in the event that is your motivation.  Our Essentials course is taught on the Keiser, and we've been a partner with them for a while, including conducting training for them and filming their trainers.  You will find more educational value on both the bike as well as the other aspects of teaching in our Essentials class.  Other than that, Keiser conducts trainings at various times of the year in various locations much like all the bike manufacturers do, unless you purchase a room full of m3s and you pre-pay for 10 or more instructors.  Outside of that, you will get a good education on the Keiser m3 in our class. 

    But if you are still determined to do the Keiser training, here is a link to their page where I believe you can download a list of available workshop dates and cities:
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