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Cycling Fusion Management (Company Rep, Community Servant) October 27, 2016 10:42

Getting Very Close To A Long Term Solution For Class Builder

We are on the literal edge of our seats - waiting for a successful start to finish beta test to confirm to our Class Builder community that we have a complete strategy for continuing well into the future with Class Builder. We have worked on our WEB VERSION (called iClass Builder) for more than 2 years now, and hope to have a beta version ready this winter that will basically allow both iOS and Android users to both use the app.

The iOS version is currently being re-written to become a “player” so that you can build the classes on iClass Builder and then play it on any mobile device in class.

The current version does indeed work in iOS 10 much better than it did in iOS 9, but we are clearly not satisfied with it as it stands and you will see our web version will be taking this to the next level.

We appreciate the patience and understanding of 5 years of loyal customers as we retool for the future. Please just hang on a little while longer.
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