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Heart Rate monitor

I am new to Winter training and signed up for Home training. I figured out the "pre" videos--found two of them. My question are:
1. Will my Garmin 810 Edge work for the HR monitor? It was just mentioned "Garmin" but not what type.
2. What time does it start Saturday? I am on MST.
3. I went to Ride Journal and entered my profile information then noticed it set my HR parameters. Are these what I use or is that for something else?

Like I said I am new to ALL of this and don't want to miss a thing!
Thank you so much for any help.
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  • Cycling Fusion Management (Company Rep, Community Servant) January 09, 2016 14:39
    Good morning Deb,

    1) Yes the Garmin will work. As long as you have a way to record your heart rate you will be in good shape. You should be able to download the workout file from your Garmin and that will save you the trouble of having to manually enter the data into Ride Journal. I believe it will come out as a GPX file.

    2) The Week 1 ride should already be in your account in the Training Center under the 2016 Winter Training Workshop. You can watch it when you have a block of time that allows it.

    3) Ride Journal populates your account with standard values to start. You should update those with your actual Heart Zone values.

    Please, feel free to ask away, that is what we are here for,
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