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Cycling Fusion Management (Company Rep, Community Servant) May 31, 2018 00:47

IT IS ALIVE!!! We Are Officially Launched!

iClass Builder Player is now in the App Store. The website where you build classes is now also very solid, and I have 7 tutorials to help even the complete newbie begin building classes.

if you've been on the sidelines waiting for the Beta program to be done and the release to be out - now's your time. Jump in, the water is fine.

Start at the website - get an idea of what is new on the new platform, and the get yoru FREE player and your FREE registration and judge for yourself if it's worth the effort and $. Everyone has 30 days to play and decide if they want to continue.

Thank you Class Builder community for your unending support and encouragement - without the positive vibes, we would have all walked away a long time ago.