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Recertification questions

I think that my time for recertification is coming up. I recently got CEUs through NASM because I am a personal trainer. How can I apply those to this certification? How do the amounts convert between the two?
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  • Cycling Fusion Management (Company Rep, Community Servant) March 27, 2015 10:24
    Your question is very timely as we have just completed an upgrade to the Training Center to help our instructors keep track of their CEUs and prepare for re-certification.  Our new Director of Instructor Resources & Relations, Joey Stabile will be recording a video tutorial on how it works within the next few days.  Suffice it to say that there is now a place in your "My Account" section where you can upload your different CEUs from other classes taken in the fitness industry so we can approve them (or not) for credit towards the 15 needed every 2 years to re-certifiy.  Assuming you have those credits and they are approved, you can renew your certification for another 2 years by going here and purchasing the renewal:

    Below is a screen shot of the new CEU developments in your "My Account" section of the Training Center.
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