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I’m frustrated, very frustrated

Zap the bugs!!

Purchased Ride Journal, and tried to setup a training plan. Several issues:
1. I've tried to change Training Plan to 12 weeks three times and each time reverted back to 16 weeks.
2. after I setup a (16 week) training plan and then update it to 12 weeks. Then going back to training plan (thru Profile - Training Plans), this message is displayed:
Membership required for training plans.
I DID pay for Ride Journal membership (for 1 year)!!!

Also purchased and downloaded Ride Buddy Pro for my iPhone. Won't sync with Ride Journal. I need to get the proper heart rate zones."Ride journal Communication Error. Invalid login credentials during upload." I've checked, rechecked, changed password, rechecked again. Still doesn't work.

And then I have to join Get Satisfaction to get this posted?! WTF?!
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  • Cycling Fusion Management (Company Rep, Community Servant) January 02, 2014 23:16
    I'm sorry you've had problems Rick. The problem turns out that you have created two separate accounts with two separate logins. Consequently when you were trying to create training plans, you happened to login with the account that wasn't paid up and it gave you the right message. When you tried to synch to Ride Buddy, it also couldn't jive because you had the wrong account. I will send you a separate email to confirm the proper login and I will reset your password so you can now have just one account and can hopefully create your plan and synch up with Ride Buddy. I'll work you through the entire process.
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