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Daylife images used for SEO purposes ?

I was wondering, when using Daylife images, can these images be used for seo purposes ? This question leads to another one : wgile data associated to pictures is in english, how would you override these infos to localize them to the webapp context ?
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  • John Zipps (Product Manager) April 20, 2011 15:49
    The short answer is no, there is not much SEO benefit from the captions or metadata on photos.

    Longer answer (about SEO in general): We agree with what search engine experts say: the best organic search results come from very high-quality original content, laid out clearly for readers' benefit.

    Daylife products and APIs can of course be used to help create content that meets that description, and we strongly encourage all of our customers -- and all publishers -- to create the best content they can with our help.

    We don't believe, though, that any of the special 'magic tricks' people advertise with the term SEO are meaningful in this discussion. Just write great stuff and let us help you make it distinct!
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