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How do I form a request to the Daylife API?

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  • DayPI requests are HTTP GET or POST requests submitted to a DayPI URL, providing a set of input parameters as name value pairs on the query string

    Here is the format of a daypi url:

    http:// / <responseformat> /publicapi/
    <apiversion> / <methodname> ?

    For example.: If I want to search for articles mentioning "clinton" by calling the latest DayPI version 4.3, and get the response formatted as XML , the base daypi url would be:

    The other important part of a daypi request is the list of parameters to be provided. You MUST include your accesskey and a signature for the request in the list of parameters.

    Completing the example above for article search, here is the full daypi request:

    Other response formats are available: json (jsonrest) or php serialized data (phprest)
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