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How to get articles related to a given article indexed by Daylife?

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  • We have an API call article_getRelatedArticles that returns articles from the same story cluster that your article belongs to. However, a lot of times your article might not get clustered with a big story or you want related articles from the past.
    In that case, you can use a combination of API calls to get these related articles. Here is how:
    i. You first call article_getTopics to get the list of topics mentioned in your articles with sort=relevance and the primary input is the article URL. The trick here is that the article URLs you use to query should be exactly the same as you publish in your RSS feeds, because those are the URLs we have in our databases to match against.

    ii. You take the 2 most relevant topics returned and then call our search_getRelatedArticles API with query="Topic A" AND "Topic B" .
    If you want to restrict the results only to your publications, you can use the parameters source_whitelist=sourceidA&source_whitelist=sourceidB&source_whitelist=sourceidC and so on.
    You should also use start_time that is 60-80 days in past. The default time period is one month in our APIs.

    A great implementation of this is done by our client New York Post. Here is an example of an article from their site- . The box with 2 columns between the headline and the article body on the top of the page is powered by Daylife. It shows you related stories from NYPost and all the topics mentioned in the article. If you click on the topic, you go to a Daylife powered topic page.

    -- Vineet
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