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I’m undecided

Maximizing and optimizing use of API Calls per day

Hi, I would like to maximize the 5k limit of API calls and was wondering what the maximum number of items (limit) that can be fetched per API call.

Supposing I have about 200 topics, using worker threads (one thread per topic API call), I was thinking of fetching about 10 items per API Call, and each topic will fetch 25 times per day... which gets me to 25 calls x 200 topics = 5000 API calls.

Is that favorable, or should I change the number of times a topic fetches in a day?
How about my initial question, maximum limit of items an API call is allowed?

Could I make it so that I can fetch about 50 items and lessen the API calls per topic?
Or would it be ok to just increase the items that a call fetches?
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