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I’m very anxious

"Hi" chlorine reading in my hot tub

I have just started looking after a 4000litre hot tub at our condo complex. it was shocked 3 days ago during opening process. my free chlorine is now reading "HI" on my ColorQ I don't have time to drain so I just bought your neutralizer product. How long does it take to work? I 'm supposed to open it tonight!
My pool is perfect so I don't get what happened :(
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  • Estelle, thank you for sending us your question.

    To lower high chlorine readings, you need our Dazzle Chlorine & Bromine Neutralizer product. I trust that is the one you have. For a 4,000 litre hot tub, you would need to apply approx. 7 grams for every 1 ppm of chlorine that you wish to lower. That is not very much so you will need to make sure you measure accurately. The product will neutralize chlorine immediately upon contact so the only wait time you will have is the time it takes to mix through the water. Apply the product with the pump running to speed mixing.
    You mentioned in your message that the chlorine level is reading HI on your Colour IQ. If there is any way you can determine what HI means in terms of parts per million (ppm), we could help you with an exact dosage rate. In a public hot tub, the acceptable chlorine residual is 5 – 10 ppm. Therefore, you only need to reduce the chlorine by every ppm that is above 10 ppm. To determine the ppm of chlorine to reduce, take the ppm of chlorine from your test, subtract 10 and then multiply by 7 to get the grams of Neutralizer you need.

    (Current ppm of Chlorine - 10) x 7 = grams of Dazzle Chlorine & Bromine Neutralizer needed.

    Be careful not to overdose as you can neutralize all the chlorine from the water and actually go negative to where additional chlorine would need to be added to use up the over applied Neutralizer.

    We hope this helps.

    Thank you,

    Backyard Brands
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