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1 month old water has readings of a 4 month old water

I have drained and refilled my hot tub a month ago and I follow the directions for Dazzle product to a tee. I went for a water test yesterday and they found the water to be 4 months old instead of 1 month and suggested I drain and refill again soon. I was told I am adding too many chemicals and should just be putting in bromine and stain and scale weekly instead of all the additives I was told to do for weekly maitainance . I am getting frustrated with Dazzle products and am thinking of using different product but I need clarification on this issue. Please can you tell me what to do ?
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  • Mike Drummond (Dealer Development Manager) November 30, 2012 17:32
    Hi Judy,

    Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

    I'm sorry that you are frustrated with the water care program you are using.

    To be clear, what the water test is showing is likely a TDS (total dissolved solid) level that would be at the high limit of 1500ppm. This is a rule of thumb that many stores use to determine when the water should be drained. What really needs to be known is where the TDS level was when it was first filled a month ago. Typical city water is in the 200-400ppm range. Well water can be all over the map depending on how hard the water is and what minerals are present. The rule we use is 1500ppm TDS above where you started from.

    Weekly maintenance would normally consist of bromine, Amaze Plus, Botanical Cleanse, Stain & Scale 2. Many homeowners use Performance Plus to enhance the feeling of the water and Naturesheen to give the water extra sparkle. The last two are optional but frequently used. We have also introduced a product called Mineraluxe. This system requires that the hot tub have a much higher TDS for it to work properly. With this system we suggest dilution of the water when the TDS reaches 2500ppm.

    Water balancing is also needed to protect the hot tub surfaces and equipment and to avoid premature degradation. The water test would outline what is needed for to accomplish this.

    On normal applications, the TDS contributions of these products would allow for the average use household to change the water on a quarterly basis.

    I'm not sure why the store person might have suggested that the water needed to be drained, or that too many treatment products are being added. There really should not be a reason based on the fact that the water is only 1 month old.

    What was the results of the last test? You can feel free to contact me by email at OR by phone at 1-866-875-0012 ext. 108. if you would like to discuss this further.

    I hope you find this helpful.
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