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Amaze vs Amaze Plus

Can you please clarify the difference between Amaze and Amaze Plus for me ? They sound the same.
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  • Mike Drummond (Dealer Development Manager) April 06, 2016 14:31
    Hi Nadine.  Thanks for your message.

    Amaze and a Amaze Plus are very similar products.  They are both used for the same function.  The difference between the two is that Amaze Plus has some chlorine added to the compound.  We did this because we found that this little kick of chlorine (2-3ppm per dose) helps some homeowners to maintain the healthy 1-3ppm of chlorine.  

    Also, if the water is sanitized with bromine, we recommend the use of Amaze of Amaze Plus, whereas Amaze Plus is better suited to chlorine.  This is because spent bromine can be regenerated with a shock treatment, so the additional chlorine in Amaze Plus is not needed.

    I hope this information helps.  Please let us know if we can help further!
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