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Biofilm, Drain Prep & I miss my hot tub

I bought drain prep for my biofilm problem (first time in 10 years!) after using an algaecide & shock. My dealer, who recommended it, never told me that I actually have to drain the tub after using it...I know I should have clued in with its name. But it's Feb. & I have 2 feet of snow. She said I could just use the tub the next day without emptying; is she right or do I need to drain? Thanks Sue
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  • Hi Sue.

    Thank-you for contacting us. Biofilm's can be a real challenge, but if you work with the Dealer and ourselves, we'll get that behind you quickly. Almost always they are the result of inconsistent sanitizer at the 3 to 5 parts per million level OR, quite often, because the diverer value is circulating the water only to one side of the tub and some pipes are not getting circulated, sanitized water.

    Sue, you are correct, after the Drain Prep, you need to drain and refill the tub. Drain Prep is a blend of a broad spectrum of natural enzymes and natural detergents that deep cleanse the tub, so after its done it's work, the tub needs to be drained to remove all the water.

    If you ask your Dealer, the can also provide you a BioFilm tip sheet we prepared, or just email me and we will get one to you.

    Please let us know if you need any more assistance.

    Dennis Gray
    Backyard Brands Inc
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