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Bromine levels. pH and total alkalinity levels

I'm having trouble with my Ph levels and total alkalinity they are too high, and my total bromine is low .. so how do i raise the bromine level and put down the pH level and the alkalinity level????
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  • Mike Drummond (Dealer Development Manager) September 21, 2015 19:11
    Hi Damaris,

    Thanks for your questions.  

    To raise bromine levels, you need to increase the flow of water through your distributer and/or increase the number of tablets in the distributer.  If you are using granules, you may need to apply more and/or increase the frequency of additions.

    To lower pH and total alkalinity, you need to apply pH-.  To determine the amount to be added, you should take a sample of your water to the closest Dazzle retailer.  They offer free water testing and can prescribe the appropriate amount of product to bring the hot tub water into balance.

    If you let us know where you live, we can help direct you to the closest Dazzle retailer.

    I hope this helps!  Please let us know if we can help further.
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