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Choices, Bromine - Chlorine - Salt - Saltron ?

Whats the difference between a bromine and a chlorine system? I just bought a new tub and I am using a salt/bromine system with a Saltron mini.

The dealer encouraged me to go with a salt based system with a Saltron mini.

I am just wondering what the pros of bromine and salt are.
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  • Mike Drummond (Dealer Development Manager) October 08, 2014 00:48
    Hi Dale,

    Thanks for your question. 

    Let me start by saying that both salt chlorine or salt bromine replace the need for the use of chlorine or bromine tablets to establish and maintain the sanitizer level.  In essence they create chlorine or bromine on demand.

    That being said, there are a few reasons that many homeowners shift towards the use of salt based sanitizers for their hot tubs:

    1. High levels of salt in the water make the water feel softer and smoother.                                     

    2. The sanitizer output is controlled by the output dial, so you have easy control over how much sanitizer is produced.

    3. Maybe this is a myth, but many feel that sanitizing the water this way is a more natural way to achieve the appropriate levels of disinfection for the hot tub.

    Ultimately, it comes down to what you prefer as your primary means of disinfection.  The next question, would be why bromine over chlorine?

    Bromine has proven advantages in a hot tub as compared to chlorine.  Bromine is less impacted by pH in the water than chlorine is.  Bromine is less 'aggressive' on bathers than chlorine.  Used up bromine (bromamine) can be re-activated with a shock treatment and provide full sanitation.  Lastly a bromamine will still continue to disinfect the water until it is re-activated with shock.

    For these reasons, many hot tub owners use bromine as their primary source for sanitation.  Salt bromine would be the same.  This is not to say that chlorine isn't good, or that it won't work.  Bromine from a technical standpoint is just superior.  In the end, it is your choice whether you choose to sanitize the water with bromine or chlorine.  All we (Dazzle and your Dazzle retailer) want, is to be sure your hot tub has an adequate amount of sanitizer all the time, so you can use the tub safely, any time you're ready.

    I hope this helps.  If you have any more questions, please feel free to contact us.
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