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Cloudy water after shocking withe cleanse

I have a added my weekly dose of pure +simple cleanse to my pool and the water went cloudy and has been that way for the last 24 hrs. I had the water checked last week and all was good apart from chlorine being a little high.
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  • Hi Paul! First sorry you are having a water challenge, and thanks for your patronage.

    Just in case this does not work, here is my email: and my cell is 416-705-3823.

    If the water is white and cloudy the most typical root causes are:

    1. The pool in fact needs a heavier shock treatment. P & S Cleanse is a very effective way to cleanse the pool of weekly swimmer wastes under normal loading and it does it is a much healthier way that the more traditional heavier shocks. In the spring with pollen and lot's of algae spores being introduced to a pool, it’s not uncommon to need to do a treatment of a strong shock/clarifier. In this case I would recommend out Ultra Shock.

    2. If you had an algae problem - and there can be a lot of algae in a pool before the human eye can see it, then the combination of chlorine plus a thorough weekly shock/clarifier like Cleanse - can kill the algae even if it is not visible. Once algae are dead, it almost always makes the water go a white/cloudy - so that could be the issue.

    3. In a spring like we have had where the temperature has been significantly above normal in many areas of the country (not sure where you are from) - chlorine consumption accelerates and sometimes needs help keeping up with demand... so again, a safe option would be ...even if your chlorine is still high to give a good treatment of Ultra Shock.

    4. Check you AquaAce print-out and see if you have combined chlorine above .2 (point two) ppm - that can lead to dull cloudy water.

    5. Double check that your filter is properly functioning, if the problem persists the proper investigation procedure is: 1.) ensure filter is providing adequate filtration (no channeling if it is a sand filter, clean filters if it is cartridge or DE)., 2,) ensure that the pump and piping system is delivering adequate circulation (place your hand in front of the return jet and ensure that a real strong flow back to the pool is happening, also check to ensure good suction in the skimmer, 3.) after you are certain about the first two then you review water chemistry... Free Chlorine residual is 2 to 3 ppm. pH is (if pH gets to 7.8 or above the water typically is much more prone to cloudiness.), ensure that the pool has at least 40 ppm of stabilizer to "hold" the chlorine in the pool so that UV does not draw it out.

    Finally, since your Dazzle Dealer probably knows the history of your pool and water test, check in with them as well for local service.

    So to sum up, check the filtration, and circulation are doing their job correctly, I'd give it one or two doses of Ultra Shock, and ensure my pH is down in the 7.4 to 7.6 range. For the next week, try to maintain at least a 3 ppm FREE chlorine residual. I'd also get your dealer to check your borate level (component of Pure and Simple Activator) - it should be 35 ppm or above.

    Hope that helps, if not, please check in with your dealer or let us know.


    Dennis Gray
    Backyard Brands Inc
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