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Combined Chlorine in salt water pool

I recently took your Pristiva salt water pool webinar. It was very informative and I have opened my first pool with Pristiva with great results. I have a couple questions relating to combined chlorine readings:
A week after opening I have a combined chlorine of 1.5 ppm- is there a required chemical to deal with this specific to salt pools? Also...where is this combined chlorine coming from? Is it residual? We used traditional chemicals in the pool last season.
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  • Mike Drummond (Dealer Development Manager) April 11, 2016 15:39
    Hey Rick, nice to hear from you!

    Your question is quite normal.  When Pristiva Primer is applied to a salt pool, you should follow it up with a dose of Pristiva Premium Shock.  It is a quick dissolving, concentrated chlorine shock that is designed specifically for salt pools.  

    Here is the quick answer to the question.  The combined chlorine is there because of the Primer.  When Primer is added, it can make it difficult to get a true free chlorine reading because of the reactions it is making in the water.  This can last upwards of a week, sometimes longer depending on dosage.  For the first week after applying Primer, use the total chlorine level to monitor the sanitizer level in the water.  If the total chlorine level is low, add a dose of Pristiva Premium Shock to boost it up.  Shortly after about 7 days, the free chlorine levels should come back to normal readable levels.  

    I hope this helps.  Let me know if I can help further!
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