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Dangerous Chlorine Levels - HELP!

We are in our second year of owning our saltwater pool and still feel as clueless as to the day we opened it. We have had nothing but problems with our retailer and they are continually asking for water samples and every time soaking us for more and more chemicals that no one seems to fully understand what they do. They get a print out charge me outrageous amounts of money and we still have problems. The last 'professional' we hired to come out didn't have a clue as to what he was putting in our pool. After he left one of my daughters friends was swimming and turned purple and couldn't breathe - we later found out this was due to the high level of chlorine in our pool and that it hovers close to the surface. I am considering switching to a different pool provider that sells a different pool chemical but I have a pool house full of Dazzle products that I would like to use up. Right now our problem is we have way to high chlorine and bromine levels - the pH seems to be fine and so does alkalinity. We have a UV Filter and use an auto pilot to monitor our salt to chlorine output. I can look at the auto pilot and from 1 minute to the next it can say 35% to 85%. I have a feeling this is not calibrated properly and am looking for any help that anyone can provide me. We are in a small town 1 hour away from our nearest pool retailer and this is starting to get very costly to continue to have uneducated people come and "help" us. Also I should note that my water is crystal clear and I vacuum and do debris removal daily. TIA
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  • Mike Drummond (Dealer Development Manager) July 08, 2013 15:09
    Good day!

    Thank you for your message. I'm sorry to hear you are having some issues with the pool.

    From your above comments, there are a few things I'd like you to consider.

    First, please ensure that the salt system and auto pilot are working properly. The high chlorine levels will be directly related to the output % of your salt system. If you can get this in check, the high chlorine levels will come down and you will have a much easier time managing your pool.

    Secondly, I would not assume your pH and other readings are accurate. If the chlorine level is high, it can be interfering with the results of other tests. Typically any chlorine level of 6-7ppm will begin to bleach test results in residential test kits and some labs used in retail stores. One thing to consider doing is using a sample diluted in half to determine what the chlorine level is. Dangerously high readings would not show on residential kits or most labs found in retails stores.

    As your go forward plan, I would recommend that you turn the salt system off until the chlorine levels come back down. Keep an eye on the chlorine levels so you know when they are in the ideal range 1-3ppm. You might consider using some chlorine neutralizer to bring your chlorine level down. As a warning, you will need to know what the chlorine level really is before applying this product. It is a quick way to get your chlorine level back in line.

    With respect to the UV system you have on the pool, this will help to reduce how much chlorine is necessary to maintain the proper 1-3ppm chlorine residual (Health Canada's requirements) in the water. This will allow your salt system to function on a lower output, which will help it to last longer and avoid early repair costs.

    Water tests that are done would mostly be recommending products that keep the water in proper balance. You may have a product to do shock treatments and possibly an algae control product. Depending on your location, stain & scale control may also be recommended if you have hard water or are using well water for filling or top up. You mentioned you are an hour away from the pool store. Where are you located?

    I hope this helps. If it does, can you please select a mood (smiley, sad).

    Please let us know if we can assist further.

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