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I’m confused

Dazzle Products and UV Sanitized pool

I plan on opening my pool next month. I called random Dazzle reps on the main page and they do not understand or have a clue about what I'm talking. They all just want water samples!! Duh?!

Issue: I purchased a house with a pool that has a UV Sanitizer. After reading online they are popular in the USA (70% less chemicals) but i am in the dark here on how to take care if it. The last owner said they used TriClor Tablets and weekly shock stickcs, then turn on the UV Sanitizer.

Do any Dazzle people or members here have any clue how to start my off to a care free pool? I was told about some Dazzle additive and sticks every few weeks works. Hope fully get better answers here as the Reps pushing the stuff have no clue about UV Sanitation or if its ever been tested with Ultraviolet Systems. Also, how does one check chlorine levels for a UV system if the strips and chemicals are made for conventional non UV pools.

I'm wiling to be a Guinea Pig for the company if I have positive results with the products.

Any response would be appreciated,

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  • Mike Drummond (Dealer Development Manager) April 18, 2011 16:12
    Thanks for the question Jenny! Its a great one.

    I do apologize if you are still confused after speaking with a number of our retailers. In most cases, they request a water sample to ensure that your water is in proper balance. This is predominantly to ensure that the water doesn't adversely affect your pool suface or equipment.

    Now Ultra Violet systems are gaining popularity with many pool retailers as well as consumers as it greatly reduces the chemical dependency in the water and it does not impact your water balance. Once the pool gets going, you can reduce the chlorine consumption up to about 70-75% as you noted, but there are a few things to note.

    1. This is still a chlorine pool and as such has a requirement for active sanitizer. This means that on an on-going basis, you should be keeping 1-1.5ppm of chlorine in the water. This residual works with the UV system to keep the water safe to swim in.

    2. UV is a supplemental sterilizer. In Canada, it is not permissible by law to use UV alone. It still must be used in conjunction with either chlorine or bromine as defined by Health Canada.

    3. What UV light does is alter the DNA of microbes in the water to prevent them from reproducing. If they cannot reproduce, they cannot get out of

    3. Water balance is still important. While UV reduces the amount of chlorine needed, the balance still needs to be maintained. Bringing a water sample in on a monthly basis will ensure the UV system continues to work at optimal efficiency and will help to avoid scaling, staining and clarity issues (also noticed in non-UV pools).

    To make owning a UV pool easier, we offer a summer maintenance program called Pure + Simple. This system offers easy weekly maintenance of slow dissolving chlorine sticks and a rapid action shock treatment (done in less that 15 mins). These 2 steps will keep the pool water safe and sparkling. Activate the system with Pure + Simple Activator. This product is only added in the spring when the pool is opened and will add further sparkle to the water, remove scale and algae promoting phosphates and will prevent any staining or scaling. The results of this system are guaranteed and has a proven track record of making UV pool maintenance a breeze.

    I hope this answers your questions. If you have any more questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Have a wonderful day!

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  • Thanks for the answer. I understand better. I will most probably get the Pure + Simple solution. It sounds like the best way.

    Two more questions (Since your good on response times)

    1) On pool opening what chemicals does the pool company need to add in beside the Pure + Simple? Do I need them to load my hopper/skimmer with the TriChlorinated mini pucks? Or do I not use them since the "weekly sticks" in the P&S system does the same think.

    I don't really don't want to start swimming in a chemical bath, I just want them to know your products and make sure its done right from day one and will not interfere with shock and calcium and whatever is needed to balance in the normal pool start up.

    2) I read on some site that you also have a additive that makes the water feel softer on your skin almost like a salt solution. (Remember, I have a UV and water pool not salt water). Can this also be added anytime? Where can I get more information on this? I see your site has been Under Construction for a while.

    Sorry about the stupid questions. I have first time owner jitters, and low confidence in pool opening crews product knowledge with Dazzle.

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  • Mike Drummond (Dealer Development Manager) April 21, 2011 15:28
    Thanks Jenny! More great questions!

    For your pool opening, we would typically recommend a shock treatment to breakdown the winter wastes that may have accumulated and an algae control product. Depending on your fill water, we may also suggest a product to inhibit staining and scaling in the pool. If the water is clear (ie. no algae), I'd suggest our Healthier, More Natural opening package. This contains a shock treatment called Amaze Plus that accelerates the breakdown of the winter wastes. It does the job in less than 15 minutes. Following that treatment, we have a product called Prep Cleanse, that removes some phosphates (food for algae) and has an enzyme formulation that liberates dirt and grime from the surface and cleans the water. If you are in an area of hard water, or if the water is quite out of balance, we would also suggest a product like Stain & Scale Prevent or Metal Cleanse to ensure no scaling or staining occurs as the water heats up and is rebalanced. These products are added before you start the regular maintenance of the pool (Pure + Simple). Not to worry about the chemical bath. Amaze Plus and Prep Cleanse are both readily biodegradable and much healthier than traditional products that would be used. They essentially do their job and remove themselves from the water.

    To your second question, there are products that condition the water to make them feel silkier and smoother. The first step of the Pure + Simple system is the addition of a product called Activator. This is a dual borate product that gives the water a silky smooth feeling. It also contains more phosphate removers, a dry enzyme to enhance the cleaning of your water and some scale inhibitors. This product is added once the water has been rebalanced in the spring. Once added, you may need to top up the Activator level mid-summer depending on the frequency of backwash and water top up.

    Borates have been used in many products across different industries. The basic advantage of having borates in the water aside from the feel of the water is that they help keep minerals dissolved in water (less clouding or chance of scale), they help to maintain the pH of the water and they also suppress carbon dioxide in water. Essentially it is all good stuff. Our blend add to the benefits.

    Please feel free to come back and ask any questions you may have. That's what we're here for. The only stupid question is the one that isn't asked!

    Have a great day Jenny!
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