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Difference between chlorine sticks

I have a freshwater, non-salt pool and have a question about the chlorine sticks that Dazzle manufactures. It’s not clear to me how Dazzle Protect sticks, Dazzle Pure and Simple Purify sticks and Dazzle Mega Tabs differ from each other and whether they can be used interchangeably. Could you please let me know? Thank you.
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  • Mike Drummond (Dealer Development Manager) July 22, 2019 17:03
    Great question John!

    Dazzle Protect Sticks and Dazzle Pure + Simple sticks are the same thing, branded for the system they support. Chlorine is a vital part of pool water maintenance and the chlorine sticks are the best choice for homeowners.

    Chlorine sticks are hydraulically compressed. This means they are just as hard in the centre as they are on the outside. Think of a jawbreaker. These sticks dissolve slowly and evenly and offer a more controlled feed of chlorine to the water.

    Mega Tabs are made up of the same chlorine that the sticks are, however these are stamped. This would be like a smartie or M&M. The outside is pretty hard, but once you get through the outer portion, the inside is less compressed and will dissolve quicker than a stick would. As a result, a Mega Tab would dissolve slowly for a day or two, but would the dissolving would then speed up once the water gets through.

    In a comparison, a chlorine stick will typically last almost twice as long as a chlorine tablet.

    They absolutely can be used interchangeably if desired, however, keep in mind the system that is being used and the outcomes that you want to have. In Pure + Simple, there is generally a lower chlorine dependence in the water, requiring less chlorine to maintain the safe 1-3ppm. In Pure WOW Pool Care, the majority of work is done by the Amaze Plus and Assure, so they Protect sticks support the work that the other 2 products do. Mega Tabs are cheaper and will support either system, but more will be needed due to the way they are manufactured.

    I hope this information helps. Please feel free to let us know if we can help further.
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