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Foam in pool during algae clearing process.

We are using the Dazzle products to clear the algae from our pool. We are finding there is a lot of foaming bubbles in the pool, how long will this last? Or how do I clear this?
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  • Mike Drummond (Dealer Development Manager) May 12, 2017 17:40
    Hi Lori!  Thank you for your question.  Can you tell me what algicide and shock you used? 

    Sometimes when clearing algae, a foam can develop on the surface of the water.  It would have a yellow or brownish tone to it.  This foam is part of the breakdown of the algae and other organics in the water.  Once the algae is dead, the foaming should subside.

    If the foaming is quite severe, it could be an indication that air is getting into the circulation system of the pool.  Look at the pump lid.  If you see foam or bubbles, its a sign air is leaking in.  Even if a space between the water and pump lid would indicate air getting in.  When air gets into the circulation system, it can cause foaming, especially if an algicide like Dazzle Algae Resist 50 has been added to the water.  Also, out-of-balance water can lead to foaming when air gets into the circulation system. 

    Check the pump and if there is air getting in, you can add a silicone based lubricant to it and see if it resolves the issue.  If it doesn't, take a picture of the water, the pump and filter and check with your closest Dazzle retailer.  They may need to send someone to check if air is actually getting into the circulation system and can help with the next steps to resolving your foaming problem.

    I hope this helps!  Let us know if we can assist further.
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