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High Iron content in fill water and now a cloudy blue pool???

We live on an acreage in Saskatchewan. We used well water to fill our vinyl easy set pool (16' x 42"). Our well water is hard and has a high iron content. When I first chlorinated the water it turned brown with the oxidized iron. I went to Paradise Leisurescapes in Saskatoon to see if they could assist me in clearing up the pool.

They suggested using Stainfree and Dazzle Metal Cleanse. Initially (for the first day) this treatment appeared to work! The brown color disappeared and we were left with clear blue water!

However - a day later, the pool has turned milky blue! Their tests revealed that everything seemed to be in order, other than a somewhat low chlorine level.

I seem unable to get the chlorine level up consistently. I have added algicide, a clarifier and consistently added chlorine to no avail!

Now I've dumped a tonne of money into chemical and still have a milky blue pool - what should I do next???!!!!

Please help! I know another family in the acreage community where we live have set up a pool and are bound to have similar problems!
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  • Hi Tammy, sorry to hear you're having some pool challenges, if you jumped the iron stain hurdle successfully, you did well, as thats a real tough one.

    Blue and cloudy usually is usually filtration related issue, or simply insufficient chlorine. Make sure you thoroughly backwash your filter if a sand filter and consider adding some Nature Sheen to help the filter. Keep adding chlorine until you maintain a 3 ppm reading.

    Other things to check... Do you have between 30 to 40 parts per million of stabilizer in the pool... That's what "holds" the chlorine in the water to protect the family, kill algae and keep the water clear.

    A common cause of blue and cloudy is insufficient chlorine... And sounds like that's something you are struggling with. If you have some AMAZE PLUS shock, put in one pouch per 40'000 liters and that should help on several counts .... Clarification, a chlorine boost and "cleansing" the water.

    I'm in meetings tomorrow morning Toronto time, but feel free to call me on my cell... 4167053823 or email me direct.....

    If in doubt ... Keep adding lots of chlorine...

    Dennis Gray
    Backyard Brands Inc.
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