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I’m angry, wasted money

Horrible product. My pool has been clouded for two weeks... The service guy can not seem to get chlorine etc up above .2

Can not use the pool. Disgusting
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  • Mike Drummond (Dealer Development Manager) June 08, 2015 14:53
    Hi Steve, I'm sorry you're having troubles with our product.  Can I get some more details on the situation. What have you been using. 

    Sanitizer demand is something that often occurs in the early part of the summer when temperatures begin climbing.  Typically a 6 degree increase in ambient temperature, results in a 50% increase in sanitizer demand.  This means that more chlorine is needed as the temperature goes up. 

    Sanitizer demand works in very similar fashion to being overdraft at the bank.  If your chlorine level is at 0, it is actually below 0ppm.  In order to get back to the 1-3ppm, sufficient chlorine has to be added to fulfill the 'overdraft' amount first.  Then you can build toward the 1-3ppm residual of chlorine.  Satisfying the demand is the key piece to this puzzle.  It is not easy to determine the sanitizer demand of water, but the following procedure can help:

    Use an unstabilized shock like Energy, Premium Unstabilized Chlorine or Lithium Pro Shock.  Add a double dose of the shock.  6 hours later, check the chlorine level.  If its below 5ppm, add another double shock.  Continue the procedure until the water maintains a 5ppm or more chlorine level for 24hrs without more shocking required.  Once you reach this point, you should find it much easier to maintain the appropriate sanitizer level.

    Some other things that can be done to help speed up the correction procedure, including clarity issues are as follows:

    Ensure the return fittings in the pool are aimed downward at a 45 degree angle to create current underwater.  The water returning to the pool is clean.  When the returns are aimed downwards, it drives the cleaned water to the bottom of the pool, which in turn churns the dirtier water up so that it can be removed and cleaned as well.

    Ensure the pool pump is running 24 hrs per day.  When trying to get the water cleared and keep a chlorine level, the pump needs to be running non-stop.  Once the water is cleared, it is recommended to keep the pump running 24/7, but if not, at least 8-10 hours per day when the sun/weather is hottest.

    Make sure the filter is in good working order.  If the filter hasn't been backwashed in a while, it may be time for that.  If the sand or cartridge hasn't been cleaned in a while, consider cleaning the filter chemically.  The filter is the dirtiest part of the pool and can harbor things that consume the chlorine and cloud the water.

    Since the pool is being serviced, I presume the water is pretty good balance.  Good water balance is key to good looking water.

    Lastly, the low chlorine level can also be the cause/contributor to the cloudy water.  Sometimes the water clears once the chlorine levels come up. 

    Any other information you can provide about the pool would be much appreciated and will help in resolving the clouding and low chlorine level.

    Thanks for your message Steve!

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