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how to replace chlorine after each soak?

i was told to put 1 tsp of chlorine granules in the tub after each time we use it (we're in our little fantasy spas embrace 2-3 times a day). i was told to broadcast it in the deeper end and put the jets on for a few minutes, so i have been broadcasting it when i get out, then closing the cover and let the reheating jets (which are the low setting) take care of mixing it into the water. a friend said it's better to put it in the filter and to put the jets on high for ten minutes, but i thought that was just for the weekly shock? what do you recommend? and do the jets have to be high, or is low ok if i'm closing the cover and going inside right after i get out of the tub and add the chlorine? or do i need to leave the cover open for a few minutes like with weekly shocking? (it's november after all!)
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