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Pool Opening Dazzle Chemical Application Order

Just opened our pool and it is very dirty and has algae. Which Dazzle Product do I use first once pool is circulating, Prep Cleanse or Ultra Shock?
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  • Mike Drummond (Dealer Development Manager) June 24, 2019 15:28
    Good day!

    The best process for opening a pool that is green is to use Dazzle Ultra Shock and Algae Clear 60. These are the 2 products that are best suited to getting rid of the green.

    Once the green is gone and the water has cleared, bring a sample of water to your closest Dazzle retailer for an analysis. They will be able to tell you what is needed to bring the water back into balance and how best to manage the water going forward.

    The good news, sort of, is that the process for killing algae and then re-balancing the water is the same as opening the pool chemically. So you can accomplish both at the same time.

    We hope this helps!
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