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Rebalancing a hot tub with 0 Alkalinity.

Hello, I was at one of your courses a few weeks back in Richmond. I remember talking about the routine for raising Alk when the reading was at or around 0. I believe you recommended raising the pH first as the alk increaser would just gas off if it reached this level. We had a customer come in with this situation and Aqua Ace recommended adding pH+ then rechecking water. This confused a staff member in store and I was unable to explain clearly the science behind it.
Are you able to describe this procedure's reasoning please?
Rick Blake
Splash Spas
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  • Mike Drummond (Dealer Development Manager) April 02, 2015 18:07
    Hi Rick,

    That is correct.  When the TA test result is at 0 or close to 0, the procedure before adding TA+ is to make sure that the pH is readable.  That means the pH needs to be 6.9 or higher.  Then when the TA is added, it will establish the desired level. 

    If you don't check and adjust the pH first (if necessary), there is a chance that the TA+ being added won't be able to do its job.  TA gasses off when the pH of the water is at 4.5 or lower.  Since testing with phenol red can only read between 6.8-8.0, if its below 6.8, you won't know.  Phenol red will still show the pH at 6.8.

    I hope this helps Rick.

    Feel free to contact me directly at if you have any other questions!
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