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Using a LOT of pH-

Hi Mike
I have a customer with a new concrete and plaster pool. It is roughly a 50000 lt pool. Most of his water values are good...and have been for the year he has had the pool. However, he is complaining of a constant need for a lot of pH-. This week he came in and we tested his water. it was perfect BUT he told me he had added a full 3.5kg pH- only 2 days earlier. Are you able to speculate as to why he is going through so much reducer so consistently?
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  • Mike Drummond (Dealer Development Manager) September 30, 2016 16:30
    Hey Rick! There are a few possible causes for the high pH. First of all, was the concrete just done this year? Is it still curing? A newly plastered pool can take quite some time to cure. Part of the process results in calcium hydroxide being squeezed out of the shell as it cures. This can cause an elevated pH. If it is a salt pool, the high pH may be a result of the process of generating chlorine.Do you know if there is annozonator on the pool? They are added to help lower chemical dependency in the water, but often result in a higher pH. Do you know the pH of the fill water that they too up from? It could be a source of high pH too. Or could it be a combination of things? It really is hard to pinpoint a cause. I'd suggest going over these items with the customer to get an idea as to what may be happening. Hope this helps Rick!Let me know how I can help further. Mike.
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