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Why are salt levels falling so quickly?

Hi Mike
I'm curious the rate at which you would expect salt levels to diminish? I have a customer with a 35000lt pool who has had a lot of salt added to their pool this year and continues to add more each month. I have other pools of the same size that might take an extra bag a season.
I am waiting on a water sample to check stabilizer levels but I suspect they are good. Any thoughts on why this customer may be 'consuming' so much salt?
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  • Mike Drummond (Dealer Development Manager) September 06, 2016 18:54
    Hey Rick,

    Salt levels generally are depleted from backwash and splash out.  So depending on how the pools are used, salt levels can come down quicker than other pools.  If for example there are a lot of kids jumping in the pools and doing cannonballs, the amount of fresh water top up is going to be higher than pools that don't have the same amount of splashing.  Same thing for backwashing.  If a pools is backwashed more than others, it would need more salt top ups.

    Where were the test readings from?  If you use the displayed salt level from the control panel, it could be that the probe isn't working properly.  Check for scale or corrosion on the probe.  Try some salt test strips or a salt meter.  It will be much more accurate.

    Let me know if I can help further.
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