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Why does my hot tub water turn green when I put in the oxygen packet?

As soon as I added the oxygen packet the water turned a dark green and stayed there till it dissipated when I turned on the pumps.
It is not green now but when we use the tub and turn on the jets it a lot more foamy than usual.
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  • Mike Drummond (Dealer Development Manager) November 10, 2014 15:24
    Hi Kathy.  Great question!  Let me answer your comment on the foaming first and then I'll address the dark green tint to the water when Oxygen is added.

    With Mineraluxe, one of the features of Mineraluxe is what we refer to as micro-bubbles.  With the conditioning agents in Mineraluxe, the water surface tension is decreased, allowing what would normally be larger bubbles, to become much smaller.  These bubbles provide therapeutic effects for the skin.  When the high speed pump is off, these bubbles should dissipate quite quickly.

    I am going to presume you are using bromine to sanitize the water.  The green tint is natural with bromine.  What happened is when the Oxygen was added, it created an energy in the water that regenerated the spent bromide into an active bromine.  Bromine is naturally green.  The green would then lighten as the shock process finished.  Homeowners with light coloured hot tub surfaces tend to notice this more than those with a darker surface.  The higher the bromine level in the water, the more green you will see.

    I hope this helps.  Please let us know if you have any other questions!
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