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I’m frustrated

why won't my shock dissolve? it is floating on top

opened pool, really green, vaccumed but green was being spit back out through the jet, put in Dazzle shock and algecide in the evening, got up the next morning, green is gone, but looks like the shock did not disolve and is floating on top
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  • Mike Drummond (Dealer Development Manager) June 11, 2012 17:33
    Hello there!

    Thanks for your question!

    To begin with, can you tell me which shock you used? We have a few that are designed for algae kill situations. While I'm not sure that it is shock that is floating on the pool surface, I want to be sure we help direct you the best way possible.

    Typically, once the green is gone, the shock has done its job. If it was floating on the surface and didn't dissolve, the green should still be there.

    Call the our office at 1-866-875-0012 or email me directly at

    If you have a picture of the 'floating shock', we can assist you further.

    I look forward to hearing from you!

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