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Yellow water

My Hot Tub ( one week old) water became cloudy, then turned a bluish colour and finally a Yellow colour. I have rinsed the filters twice. The dealer suggested 1/2 cap of PH- then 4 caps of Bromine Granules twice about 30 minutes apart and finally 3 1/2 caps of Amaze. This did help a little... When I used the stick the Bromine was fine but soon was gone. I am certain the filters will have to be replaced. We are on well water and have been told it does not mix well with Chlorine. Is the Amaze a form of Chlorine/Shock? Thanks, Wayne
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  • Mike Drummond (Dealer Development Manager) August 18, 2014 15:35
    Hi Wayne,

    Thanks for your message.  There could be a couple of different things going on in the water that are causing the yellow and clouding.

    Let's look at the water source first.  Have you had the well water tested by your Dazzle retailer.  Often times, well water can impart different minerals and metals to the hot tub.  I'd suggest you have the well water tested and check for iron in particular. You may find that the iron is a contributing source for the yellow colour.  Many homes with wells do not have the hose connected to the water filtration/softener systems and as a result sometimes put higher levels of hardness and metals in the water. 

    As for the bromine, normally with Bromine Granules, the requirement is to add every day and as needed, if bromine tablets are not being used in conjunction with Bromine Granules.  If you are using bromine tablets, you may want to consider increasing the flow rate through your bromine distributor.  When bromine or chlorine levels are low, the water will begin to turn cloudy.  Shocking with bromine granules is a temporary fix as it will cause the bromine level to jump, however shock doses are designed to create an energy in the water that gets rid of non-filterable wastes.  Once it does its job, the levels will come down quite quickly.  Try bromine tablets and/or get more water flow through the feeder.  This will help with the blue cloudy water.

    Based on what you have described above, it sounds like you have cloudy water due to low bromine levels.  The dose of bromine granules and Amaze help, but in the process have caused some iron to oxidize as well, leaving a clear, but yellow water.  By maintaining a constant bromine level of 3-5ppm, you will reduce the need for heavy treatments as recommended.  This will help to reduce the amount of yellowing that occurs.  If there is iron in the well water, consider filling your hot tub through the softener if one is on the house.  Another option would be to use a pre-filter that attaches to the hose used to fill the tub.  These will filter out a lot of unnecessary organic and inorganics that would otherwise make it into the water.  Also, if you are not using Mineraluxe for weekly maintenance, I'd recommend you use a double-dose of Stain & Scale 2 on a weekly basis.

    I hope this information helps Wayne.  Please feel free to let me know if we can help further.
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