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Autonumber system field duplicating when bulk insert being used with DBamp


Recently updated to the latest version of DBAmp from 3.7.7 to 3.8.3 and haven't had any issues with DBAmp but today when using it to do a BulkOps insert it has affected the Salesforce system field on the contact record that is a autonumber. It is a strange occurance and have also logged with Salesforce but the only change to the system is the DBAmp upgrade to 3.8.3. We have 17740 duplicated autonumbers in the system now.

Command line being used:
exec SF_BulkOps 'Insert:oldway,batchsize(25)', 'SALESFORCE',

Been using this for years and have not had an issue with an autonumber field as I am not updating that field in the fields of creation (as you can't).

No log file to provide as it does not state any error. It is not every record either so quite confused on this.

The issue does not occur if we create a contact inside salesforce.

Raising this to see if anyone else is having this issue.


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