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Bulk API update/upsert cannot update empty string value to null in


I am creating a new topic from topic ( as my issue now seems a bit different that emtpy string value can not be updated to null value when using bulk API update or upsert command, works fine with web service API though

Based on the DBAmp document it is also advised empty string will be updated to null value in (which wasn't the case for me when using bulk API)

"the input table should only contain columns for those fields that you want to update. . If the data in a column is an empty string or NULL, sf_bulkops will update that field on to be NULL" -- (page 33)

I have emailed the test case to forceamp support yesterday and haven't got any replies, the issue is very easy to replicate, please let me know if you need further information from my side

This issue has been picked up my our helpline team that one of the member address line could not be removed due to this issue, and we reckon there couldbe more affected.


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