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Can we get SF_RefreshIAD to conduct only incremental refresh for both data and metadata?

We would like DBAmp upon replication not to delete/remove any deleted in SF data and metadata.

We have tested SF_ReplicateIAD with “Yes” in SchemaError – and it works perfectly for data: in case rows are deleted from SF, they are not removed from the local table.
However it does not work in case of custom fields deletion from SF. In such case deleted fields are also removed from the local table. We would like them to remain there, so refresh/replica is always only incremental (nothing gets deleted).
Please could you advise how we can achieve it?
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  • That is a hard problem that we really do not have a great answer for. The complications involve the edge cases: renaming an existing field, deleting a field and then recreating it with the same name but a different type, etc.

    Therefore, the only thing I can recommend at this point is using SQL backups to capture "point in time" snapshots where the deleted field exists.

    We will continue to explore how we can solve this in an automated fashion but I would not expect anything in the next 6 months.
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