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Can I use DBAmp to synchronize data between SalesForce with our backoffice SQL Server database without additional code?

Hello, I want to set up synchronization of contacts, leads etc. between SalesForce and out back-office database.

I.e. if a contact changes in SF, I want the changes pushed to SQL Server and if a contact changes in SQL Server, I want those changes pushed to SalesForce.

I've been using a combination of the "Data Loader" app, and the SalesForce API (via custom code written in .Net).... but I want something more robust than this and I don't want to have to write me own synchronisation process :)

Hoping that DBAmp can help :)

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  • There are 2 real issues with bi-synch integration and salesforce:

    1. Salesforce does not maintain a "per column" change log, only a "per row" timestamp. This means that at any one time we know the row changed but not what specific column changed.

    2. The same row could change on both and locally durning the same time interval. This fact coupled with item 1 above means there must be some "conflict resolution" code. How conflicts are handled is different from organization to organization. Therefore, there is always a requirement to "code" a conflict resolver for your business needs.

    DBAmp can provided robustness by moving your data loader app into our sf_bulkops stored proc. The .net code get replaced by a T-SQL script that handles the conflict resolution. It all can be scheduled using SQL jobs or SSIS.

    Hope this helps, let me know if you have further questions.
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