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Can JOIN be performed remotely in Salesforce via DbAmp?

When retrieving data from Salesforce via DbAmp, is there a way to force join operations remotely (on Salesforce side) rather than in Sql Server? We analysed the execution plan of queries with join in it and it seems always perform join locally in Sql Server.
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  • Yes, joins can be pushed to the salesforce back-end by using the OPENQUERY clause and DBAmp's full SOQL support.

    There is extensive documentation on the SOQL support in Chapter 2 of the DBAMp manual. Note that you must be using DBAmp version 2.13.2 or higher. If you need to upgrade DBAmp, follow the instructions at

    NOTE: SOQL does not have the same syntax as SQL. When using OPENQUERY, you must write the query using SOQL constructs. Contact DBAmp support if you need help "converting" .
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