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Cannot create Linked Server to sandbox/test salesforce server : it is connected to prod.

Hello Bill,

I'm trying to replicate data from salesforce backup database to SalesForce application but I have some trouble to create Linked Server to sandbox; my objects are synchronized with SalesForce of production. I have followed this documentation Chapter 5 : Using SSIS with DBAMP.

I gave following information to create Linked Server:
Provider: DBAMP
Location: (but my object are synchronized with SalesForce of production)
User name : supply_chain@MyCompany (note that when I have to connect to sandbox SalesForce, I'm using this login and add extension .iptdev at the end. Here I have not add extension because I get this message when trying to do it: "Error 1 : INVALID_LOGIN: Invalid username, password, security token; or user locked out.")
Password: password+security token (security token of production ? My IT gave me only one security token)

My questions are :
- Why datas are synchronized with SalesForce of prod while is mention as location ?
- Do I have to to mention my sandbox login to create Linked Server to sandbox (with extension used to connect on sandbox) ?
- Is security of prod and sandbox are same ? Does security token of prod is reset when I'm trying to reset security token on sandbox ?

Best Regards,
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