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Can't replicate a very large table 22+ million records

Hello there, we are trying to replicate a very large object (Opportunity) from Salesforce into SQL. The table has over 22 million record. I ran the SF_ReplicateLarge procedure and set up the process to use 100,000 per batch. The process ran for about 10+ hours and was able to move 10,299,995 records. Can I ran the SF_Refresh proc with the thought that the process will grab the remaining of the data without having to drop this table in SQL and start all over from scratch? Below is the full report log I got from the server once this process crashed. Thanks so much for your help with this!!!

--- Starting SF_ReplicateLarge for Opportunity V3.2.3
17:24:26: Using batch size of 99999')
17:24:26: Drop Opportunity_Previous if it exists.
17:24:26: Create Opportunity_Previous with new structure.
17:24:26: Running query to determine next Id boundary.
Select @ENDID_OUT = Id from openquery(SALESFORCE,'select Id from Opportunity_QueryAll where Id > ''000000000000000'' order by Id asc limit 1 offset 99999')
17:24:27: Run the DBAmp.exe program for "where Id>'000000000000000' and Id'006170000097PIOAA2' and Id'006170000098NE1AAM' and Id'0061700000999IyAAI' and Id'006170000099ZTKAA2' and Id'006170000099zX3AAI' and Id'00617000009APciAAG' and Id'00617000009AplGAAS' and Id'00617000009BFqUAAW' and Id'00617000009BfwJAAS' and Id'00617000009C69ZAAS' and Id'00617000009CWOrAAO' and Id'00617000009CwSQAA0' and Id'00617000009DMVfAAO' and Id'00617000009DmdPAAS' and Id'00617000009ECkVAAW' and Id'00617000009EcqjAAC' and Id'00617000009F2ymAAC' and Id'00617000009FT2GAAW' and Id'00617000009FtEtAAK' and Id'00617000009GJP7AAO' and Id'00617000009GjZuAAK' and Id'00617000009H9kSAAS' and Id'00617000009HaEVAA0' and Id'00617000009I4ImAAK' and Id'00617000009IWrNAAW' and Id'00617000009Ix33AAC' and Id'00617000009JNEPAA4' and Id'00617000009JnQtAAK' and Id'00617000009KDUJAA4' and Id'00617000009KdeHAAS' and Id'00617000009L3hHAAS' and Id'00617000009LTlPAAW' and Id'00617000009LtoZAAS' and Id'00617000009MJw0AAG' and Id'00617000009Mk2SAAS' and Id'00617000009NA5cAAG' and Id'00617000009Na9VAAS' and Id'00617000009O0JXAA0' and Id'00617000009OQPpAAO' and Id'00617000009OqSuAAK' and Id'00617000009PHsjAAG' and Id'00617000009Pi1lAAC' and Id'00617000009Q8KZAA0' and Id'00617000009QZCLAA4' and Id'00617000009QzKjAAK' and Id'00617000009RPexAAG' and Id'00617000009RqZjAAK' and Id'00617000009SHbfAAG' and Id'00617000009SimUAAS' and Id'00617000009T9MSAA0' and Id'00617000009TZd9AAG' and Id'00617000009TzgdAAC' and Id'00617000009UQBoAAO' and Id'00617000009Uqa6AAC' and Id'00617000009VH9nAAG' and Id'00617000009VhU3AAK' and Id'00617000009W88OAAS' and Id'00617000009WYfvAAG' and Id'00617000009WzhZAAS' and Id'00617000009XS5yAAG' and Id'00617000009XsZ0AAK' and Id'00617000009YJIEAA4' and Id'00617000009YjVDAA0' and Id'00617000009Z9c0AAC' and Id'00617000009ZZvhAAG' and Id'00617000009Zzz1AAC' and Id'00617000009aQR6AAM' and Id'00617000009asavAAA' and Id'00617000009bIsGAAU' and Id'00617000009bivQAAQ' and Id'00617000009c91nAAA' and Id'00617000009cZ57AAE' and Id'00617000009cz8vAAA' and Id'00617000009dPD3AAM' and Id'00617000009dpGwAAI' and Id'00617000009eFK6AAM' and Id'00617000009efQYAAY' and Id'00617000009f5aHAAQ' and Id'00617000009fVdWAAU' and Id'00617000009fvhZAAQ' and Id'00617000009gLlXAAU' and Id'00617000009gls6AAA' and Id'00617000009hBvBAAU' and Id'00617000009hbyLAAQ' and Id'00617000009i21fAAA' and Id'00617000009iS4kAAE' and Id'00617000009is8OAAQ' and Id'00617000009jIF6AAM' and Id'00617000009jiJ4AAI' and Id'00617000009k8MOAAY' and Id'00617000009kYPsAAM' and Id'00617000009kyT7AAI' and Id'00617000009lOX0AAM' and Id'00617000009lockAAA' and Id'00617000009mEivAAE' and Id'00617000009men3AAA' and Id'00617000009n4qrAAA' and Id'00617000009nUv2AAE' and Id'00617000009nuybAAA' and Id'00617000009oL2ZAAU' and Id'00617000009ol7LAAQ' and Id'00617000009pBF0AAM' and Id'00617000009pbIoAAI' and Id
--- Ending SF_ReplicateLarge. Operation FAILED.
Msg 50000, Level 16, State 1, Procedure SF_ReplicateLarge, Line 482
--- Ending SF_ReplicateLarge. Operation FAILED.
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