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Changing SalesForce Certificate in January 2018

recently we got from saleforce an announcement about changing certificate.please see below.should we do something ?

What is the change?
A future release of Google Chrome will no longer support Symantec-issued HTTPS certificates, so we are replacing our Symantec-issued certificates with new DigiCert-issued certificates. HTTPS certificates are reflected in the browser's URL bar to indicate a secure connection while accessing secure websites, including Salesforce. Some examples of Salesforce certificates impacted by this change are:
• *
• * (My Domain)

• [instance]
• * (Branded Login)


Important Information Regarding Your Salesforce Instance

Product & Service Notification

To maintain alignment with our security best practices, we will be rotating some certificates out in January and February 2018 for newer certificates that will be supported in future releases of Google Chrome.
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